What can I expect from Varsity Games?

eSports Play

  • Online tournaments between university players/teams
  • Consistent LAN finals held at Gfinity Arena in London
  • Weekly game hightlights broadcast on Twitch on the games you play
  • Giveaways and freebies

Be a part of our journey. Sign up now and see how YOU can put your ideas and talents to influence.

Let us work together to create the best Varsity Games shows in the UK!

Social Network

  • Meet and socialise with players/teams from other universities
  • Contribute to a community of like-minded players
  • Become a caster or host for our tournaments

Get Involved

We offer students first hand experience in getting involved in our tournament process:

  • Tournament Administration
  • Tournament Management
  • Media and Coverage
  • Broadcasting and live streaming
  • Stage Technical Support
  • Personalities and Talents
  • Film and Photography
  • Design and VFX

…and much much more!