Varsity Games is a place for all students – whether you love playing games with your friends, want to contribute ideas or gain experience in running tournaments,

Varsity Games has a place for you in our community.

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About Varsity Games

Our vision as a university eSports organisation is to create a home for all student gamers. 

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You run the show

Varsity Games believes in giving students the opportunity to put their skills to the test in all areas, not just esports. We will provide opportunities for talented students to get involved in our leagues and events.


Want to become a professional commentator? Get involved with Varsity Games to try your hand at commentating with professional equipment to a large live and online audience.


Want to be an esport analyst? Show us what you got at one of our events!


Think you have the charisma to be an esports host? We want to put you front and centre at a big event!

In-Game Observing

Have you got the steady hand to be a professional esports observer? We need your skills to control the main in-game camera!

Film Making

Are you a budding film maker? Help us build content for our live streams and events.


Want to show off your photography skills? Get involved at one of our events or follow your university team to get great images.


Want to write gaming content? We’ve got opportunities to create content based on our university leagues.

Web Development

We have so many plans for Varsity Games, and we’d love your help to add features to our website.


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Better together: let us create the largest university games community in UK.

Whether you are a passionate gamer or want to pursue a career in the games industry after graduation, Varsity Games is a platform where you make all the difference.

Gaming with friends is always more fun than gaming by yourself. A place for students to get together, play and create in a collaborative space.

Registration will be open soon so you can find your fellow gamers on campus!

Reasons to join

Here’s how Varsity Games can help you.

  • Enjoy gaming with friends?
  • Want to meet more student players?
  • Ambitions to compete and represent your university?
  • Interested in game development?
  • Seeking opportunities in the game industry?